Donations are charitable and tax deductible. You will receive a receipt. You may contact Nikki to collect your donation or mail it to:

Aunt Bea's Apiary
1900 O Street
Auburn, NE 68305

All donations are appreciated and help us in our efforts to foster a sustainable future. Supporters listed below:

DRONE $100+

John Eisenach,  Andrea Siemek,  Jennifer & Aaron Hawley,  AHS Class of 1996,  Jamie & Mike Vrtiska,  Janny & Ryan Crotty, Susan Pozehl,  Marty & Andrea Hayes,  Jeff & Lori Broady,  Nathan & Kimberly Beger,  Jim & JaNay Oestmann,  Andy & Amber Mahan,  KCL Landscapes,  Brent Comstock,  Rhonda & Brian Clark,  Kris & John Gill

NURSE $250+

Chris & Emma Heller
Roxanne Schottel
Laura Snodgrass

GUARD $500+

April White
Nemaha Valley Pheasants Forever Chapter 0439
Lunzmann Realty, Inc.
Ronicka Schottel
Paul & Vira Lillenas

SCOUT $1000+

Bill & Shirley Snyder

QUEEN $5000+

Danny & Nikki Hayes

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