On The Farm

Homeschool Adventures

September 2nd was a beautiful day and I don’t just mean the weather. We were honored to host several homeschool families from the surrounding area. It was wonderful to meet not only the kids, but their parents too. I was amazed at their attentiveness, kindness and curiosity! A fun time was had by all, and we managed to sneak in some learning too. 🙂

Aunt Bea’s Apiary is the perfect destination for homeschool families. Our multidisciplinary teaching approach integrates many subjects and reinforces so many of the lessons being taught at home.

These kiddos came on a great day as we were just preparing to harvest honey. They got an up-close look at how it all works including seeing frames of capped honey and feeling just how heavy they can be! I sure hope they return next year!

Here are a few snapshots from the day!

Checking out a frame of capped honey.

Our favorite board member and volunteer, Shirley Snyder, teaching the kids about bee anatomy.

The following photo shows our “pollinator race” activity.

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