Country Events

National Pollinator Week 2017

National Pollinator Week is an annual week long event held every year at the end of June. Aunt Bea’s Apiary had a fun filled week of activities lined up! The celebration happened to coincide with Peru State College’s Charter Day. On Tuesday June 20th, we dressed as pioneers and headed over for a fun presentation on beekeeping 150 years ago! We took along an observation hive and the children were very excited to see the bees up close! The following day we hosted our first annual kids bee camp! 14 campers came to learn all about pollinators. Highlights included building their own bee box and then taking it out to be placed on a beehive, a nature scavenger hunt, and making their own beeswax lip balm! We can’t wait for camp next year! On Thursday we hosted a seed ball making activity in the park, followed by an open house and beginning beekeeping workshop on Friday. It was an incredible week and we were so happy to celebrate pollinators with many friends and community members! Scroll on down to see some of the photos from National Pollinator Week.

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