Our honey is completely raw, never heated, and contains particles of wax and pollen. We are a treatment free apiary (no chemical medicines) and we are very careful to take only what honey is considered surplus. We always leave plenty for the bees. After all, they worked hard for it and it belongs to them!

Dandelions are known for helping soothe and heal cracked dry skin. They also work wonders for sore, tired, and achy muscles. We forage fresh, chemical free dandelions for our salve and infuse them in oil. Combined with beeswax from our bees, this salve becomes a wonderful multi-purpose moisturizer. It is safe and gentle and many of our customers use it in their nightly facial skin care regime.

We love infusing herbs into our soap including dandelion, calendula, and violet leaf. Our soaps are made for those who want the simplest, most natural ingredients. We never use any dyes, chemical fragrances, or preservatives. We prefer to leave our soaps unscented, but occasionally add essential oils such as lavender or lemongrass for a bit of added fragrance. 

Our all natural dandelion lip balm soothes dry cracked lips and has an earthy beeswax scent.

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