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Bees In Siding

In only 3 years, we’ve had many calls about bees living in the siding of houses. It seems to be a preferable spot for them! Unfortunately, once bees have built their home in your siding, the only way to safely relocate them is to remove the siding and take out all the comb. Finding the queen bee is key! If you can find the queen and move her into a bee box, the rest of the bees will follow. They will not abandon her for she is the key to their survival. I have to admit, removal of bees from siding is not one of my favorite jobs. It is VERY labor intensive. It is EXTREMELY helpful if you call us AS SOON as you notice the bees. The longer you wait, the more bees we have to contend with and the harder it is to remove comb and find the queen. Removal must be done in the spring or early summer to ensure their best chance of survival once relocated to our farm.

Here are some pics of a recent removal we performed in Auburn, NE. These bees had been in this cavity for at least 2 summers. There were 3 sheets of comb hanging from the roof joist. Each sheet was about 4 feet long. Danny is holding only half of one sheet. What you don’t see in these photos is how hot, messy, and sticky this job was! As we cut the comb to place it in our box, honey was everywhere. All of our tools, car door handles, my camera, etc… had to be washed and wiped down! This removal took about 12 hours total, not counting my trip to the doctors office to have a stinger removed from my finger!

Below is how the siding looked when we arrived.

Here is Danny after cutting the siding and exposing the comb.

This is after we had cut out all the comb and moved it into our bee box. We are looking for the queen and brushing the bees into a container to move them into our box.

This is after we found the queen and placed her into our box. All the bees are following her in!  Finding the queen makes us happy! It usually means the job is a success. We do take precautions to prevent the queen from trying to leave the box. It can take a few days for her to “accept” her new home. I always promise her a happy home in the country near a meadow of wildflowers! 🙂

Please visit our homepage for more information about our organization! If you have bees in your siding, hit the contact tab at the top and we’ll arrange a visit to see if we can remove them. **Please note that homeowners are responsible for repairs after bee removal. We will do as little damage as possible while still safely removing the bees.

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