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    Apples with a Side of Bugs

    It’s apple picking time! Here are my organic apples…..full of bugs! It doesn’t bother me, I simply cut out what is bad and make freezer apples, applesauce, or natural fruit leathers (rollups) with the rest. My freezer apples use a modified version of an apple pie filling recipe, but I use a lot less sugar. Then I use them to make a healthy crockpot oatmeal! If you’re used to that super sugary prepackaged stuff, this recipe might take some getting used to. It has chia seeds, apple cider vinegar, honey (of course), coconut oil, and more! Scroll through the pics and find the recipe at the bottom. Enjoy! PICKING APPLES!…

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    Homemade Apple Honey Fruit Rollups

    We strive to eat foods that are healthy and have natural ingredients. This recipe is for homemade fruit rollups. They are dye free, chemical free, and contain only 3 ingredients: apples, cinnamon (optional), and honey for pliability. We recommend using Aunt Bea’s Honey! My kids actually prefer these to their store bought counterparts. You do have to have a few different pieces of equipment to make these including a dehydrator with paraffin sheets and a good blender. Parchment paper can be used instead of paraffin sheets, but it’s a little tricky to use. The paper likes to curl up and the rollups are more difficult to remove.  I have a 9…

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