On The Farm

Kittens and Life Lessons

I’m ashamed to say this, but a few short years ago I would have readily admitted…here it comes…that I didn’t like cats. (gasp!) When we moved to the country, I vowed that we would NOT be one of those farms with a zillion cats. Then we lived through our first winter in a century old house surrounded by timber. I won’t go into details, but needless to say I was on the search for a few mousers. A friend of mine happened to have some kittens and we ended up bringing home Sylvie and Mr. Tickles. Simply put, love bloomed in my heart. Fast forward a few years and several cats later, and we ended up with sweet Paddy Cat from a neighboring farm. Paddy brought us the most special gift, our first litter of kittens. The love and joy on my children’s faces will be etched into my memory forever. Compassion for animals, in my opinion, is probably one of life’s most important lessons. It was a lesson I needed to learn too.

If you stop by the farm today, you’d be greeted by Patches, Beatrice, Socks, and Pip. They are the offspring of Paddy Cat, who is no longer with us. Sadly, cats don’t always live long on a farm and so we’ve had to say a tearful goodbye to several of our fluffy friends. What I typically tell my children (and myself) whenever we lose a cat is that our job is to love animals the very best that we can while they are here. We make sure that every animal on our farm knows love and tenderness. That is what life is all about.

I leave you with this adorable pic of Beatrice. I am so glad I opened my heart to these sweet creatures. Just call me cat lady. 🙂





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