Country Events

Nebraska Barn Reception

My sister recently graduated from high school, and in true Nebraska style she had a beautiful barn reception. The barn was built on my family’s farm over 80 years ago. It has been updated in recent years to accommodate for changes in modern farming practices. This includes taking out a majority of the upper hay loft leaving catwalks on 3 sides. This allows guests on the “upper deck” to look down to the ground level. It also allows my dad to park his larger tractors inside. All in all, it made a beautiful setting for my sisters graduation.

This celebration gave us an opportunity to make our first tiered tree slice dessert stand. We used our hand made beeswax wood polish on the wood and it really brought out the unique features of the tree we used. As always, we use only dead or storm damaged limbs for our pieces. Below you can check out some of the photos from my sisters graduation reception.




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