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Pheasants Forever Youth Pollinator Day

Aunt Bea’s Apiary was recently awarded a $1500 grant from the Pheasants Forever organization to host a Youth Pollinator Day. The 5th grade class at Johnson-Brock visited our apiary and learned all about the importance of providing good habitat and how it benefits pollinating insects and other wildlife. The students were able to participate in planting flowers that are beneficial to pollinators, as well as rotate to different educational stations for hands on activities. They wrapped up the day with our “pollinator race” game.  Students learn how hard bees work by racing to get “nectar” and bringing it back to the hive. A wonderful time was had by all who participated and Aunt Bea’s Apiary is very thankful to the Nemaha Valley Pheasants Forever chapter and its sponsors for giving us this opportunity!

Danny gave guided tours to students dressed in bee suits.  They were able to visit the hives and see honey bees, bumblebees, and mason bees foraging on flowers in the garden. The suits were purchased with the grant money and will benefit students visiting our apiary for years to come!

Students planted a variety of pollinator friendly plants. They are perennial plants that will come back each year.  Hopefully the students will have an opportunity to visit in the future and see the impact the plants have on the bees.

Everything we do at Aunt Bea’s Apiary would not be possible without the help of Shirley Snyder. It is wonderful having another experienced educator to help us teach children about pollinating insects. Here she is explaining how hard bees work to gather nectar and pollen to bring back to the hive.

For more information on how you can schedule a field trip, please click on the “contact” tab of our website.

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