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Renovations Reveal Part Two

It’s time for part two of my renovations reveal! This is our small but awesome educational space, lovingly designed by yours truly!

Initially I didn’t want to tell anyone that the education space was in our basement. I figured people would think dark, damp, and dingy. This little space is far from it! It’s light, bright, and above all fun! The truth is, it’s really the only space we had to work with as building a new structure wasn’t in our budget.

We hope that someday, through grants and donations, we will be able to build a larger educational center and honey extraction facility. It’s a lofty goal, but one we are certainly going to pursue. For now, we feel fortunate to have this space and welcome anyone who wishes to learn more about bees and other pollinating insects.

TCB construction handled the remodel. The live edge wood countertop, antique cabinet / workbench, and sliding barn door were made by Daisy Mae’s in Tecumseh. My favorite finds are the old science lab stools that I painted bright yellow to coordinate with my coffee bar. As you look at the pics, it may seem like we spent a lot of money to do this. While it’s true we invested a lot to create this space, we did so on a tight budget. Danny and I painstakingly removed, de-nailed, sanitized, and power washed all the wood for the ceiling. I sanded and painted all the furniture and scoured the thrift and antique stores for inexpensive but unique finds.

In a compact space, I needed seating that could be tucked away. This wall was not flush all the way across. It dropped back about 12 inches and make the perfect “cut out” for my live edge mulberry countertop. The stools tuck underneath.

My sliding barnwood door is a really cool feature! Daisy Mae’s created this awesome piece as well as the workbench cabinet which was repurposed from a really tall cabinet in my garage.

I can’t leave out these fun details. The honeycomb structure was built and donated by James Gerdes. My sister, Molly, painted the eggs and larve in watercolor and I added the rest using textured papers and wooden bees purchased from Etsy. It’s a lifesize piece of honeycomb!

I found these cool patent prints on Etsy.

Hope you enjoyed the tour of Aunt Bea’s Educational Center! For more of my posts, visit the homepage and click on “The Buzz” link at the top of the page.

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