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The Monarch Butterflies Are Here!

Did you know that Monarch Butterflies are the only butterfly known to make a two way migration like birds do? Using environmental cues, monarchs know when it is time to fly south for the winter to their second home in the Sierra Madre Mountains. It just so happens that one of their congregation sites during their long journey is here in Nemaha County! A very good friend and fellow beekeeper has a beautiful acreage about 10 miles from Aunt Bea’s Apiary. Her home is surrounded by tall Cedar trees, which are preferred for monarch roosting. Often times, roosting locations are used year after year, and my friend has been seeing the monarchs every fall for several years now. It is quite a splendid sight to see!!

Sadly, monarchs are facing a sort of quasi-extinction due to the loss of the common milkweed plant. These plants have been nearly eradicated in recent years due to herbicide-tolerant crops. Luckily, the US fish and wildlife service has been working hard to restore common milkweed to help save America’s most recognizable butterfly.

You can help save the monarch by planting common milkweed. There are many varieties of milkweed, but common is best! This is where they lay their eggs. Monarchs are important and contribute to the health of our planet by pollinating wildflowers during their journey.

Here are some photos of my friends farm during the monarch migration! Aren’t they beautiful! And yes, my friend has peacocks….on her roof!

Did I mention my friend is a beekeeper? I had to take a moment and photograph this little gal covered in pollen!

Here is a male peacock on my friend’s roof!

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